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Abstract Il traditore is a movie starring Pierfrancesco Favino, Luigi Lo Cascio, and Fausto Russo Alesi. The real life of Tommaso Buscetta the so called "boss of the two worlds", first mafia informant in Sicily 1980's; 2019; writer Ludovica Rampoldi; ; Runtime 145 Minute; 4151 Votes.

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Ma falcone come cazzo é che é cosi incazzato

Non ho parole. Santoro è sempre piú mettesse i filmati veri di Buscetta, invece di questa buffonata. EVVIVA SANTA ROSALIA. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈. By Alberto Diamante Directed by Marco Bellocchio. Starring Pierfrancesco Favino, Luigi Lo Cascio, Fausto Russo Alesi. Written by Bellocchio with Valia Santella, Ludovica Rampoldi, Francesco Piccolo and Francesco La Licata. Marco Bellocchio’s film Il Traditore (The Traitor) was the sole entry at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and will be one of only a handful of Italian films presented at TIFF this year. Bellocchio’s 27 th feature film is a historical drama about Tommaso Buscetta (Favino), the mob boss who revealed the seemingly impenetrable secrets of the Mafia’s inner sanctum to prosecutor Giuseppe Falcone. Directed by veteran Marco Bellocchio (class of ’39), its story is told in an unadorned, streamlined manner and teleports itself back and forth among events ranging from 1980 to 2000. The story arc begins in 1980 in Palermo (Sicily), with a meeting of top mob bosses to negotiate the partition of the heroin trade. The importance of the coven is crystallized when we learn that all the heroin in the world passes by Palermo. Screen captions help us identify some of the most notorious and infamous mafia capos who ever lived. Naturally, it helps if one is well-versed in the subject, especially since many of the lead characters were responsible for some of the most heinous terrorist attacks in Italian history. Despite the pax siciliana, Palermo’s Corleone family quickly unleashes its vaunted brutality and greed, opting to massacre its opponents rather than honour its word. An on-screen caption tells us that the factional war’s body count quickly surpasses the 150 mark, martyrizing several people who were introduced at the beginning of the film, as well as many unsuspecting relatives. The head of the Corleone family is Totò Riina, known for his psychopathic savagery and unrestrained ambition. His goal is to control the world’s heroin trade at any cost. To avoid Riina’s reign of terror, Buscetta flees to Brazil, where his manifold illegal operations are charitably glossed over by the film (we only learn that he’s a drug dealer). He is protected by the local police, and is rich enough to schmooze with high-profile politicians. Eventually, however, his presence becomes an embarrassment for the local authorities, who arrest him, torture him, and extradite him to Italy. Realizing that the jig is up, Buscetta not only admits to his crimes, but also reveals the inner workings of the tentacular organization known as ‘Cosa Nostra. ’ In the third act, the film briefly covers other important events in Italian history: the murder of journalist Mino Pecorelli, the alleged collusion between former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and the mafia, and the terrorist attacks that killed prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. None of these events, however, is examined or explained in detail. Stylistically, the film is much more moderate than its thematic cousins: Goodfellas and Il Divo. Eschewing the extravaganza of frenzied camera moves and a turbocharged montage, Il Traditore is preternaturally  measured and utilitarian. It also wise in avoiding traditional biopic arcs (those rife with pointless digressions into childhood traumas or romantic rendezvous). For that, we are grateful. Bellocchio, a highly sophisticated and erudite man, struggles to present Buscetta as a Promethean figure, a man who has stolen ‘fire’ from the gods to gift it to humanity. In this story, the ‘fire’ is represented by the tantalizing cauldron of greed, ambition, thirst for power and ruthlessness that we all find fascinating (witness the countless mob films ever produced). In selecting Buscetta as the flawed, penitent Virgil in our Dantean journey into the hell of the mafia, Bellocchio has had to skirt around some of Buscetta’s most heinous crimes (including several murders). Due to the rigors of cinematic storytelling, Buscetta must be presented in a somewhat sympathetic way, and so Bellocchio writes him as the middle-man between the Mephistophelean nefariousness of organized crime and the staid legality of the state. Buscetta proclaims himself as the paladin of “good” organized crime, upholding the maxim of ‘honour among thieves’ and respect for women and children. Fortunately, prosecutor Falcone quickly dismantles such proclamations as a self-serving fairy tale. It is ironic that Buscetta fails to understand that he is clinging to a vestigial, endlessly warped sense of morality that was never more than a fantasy. Sticking with the theme of the intermediary, Buscetta, in his hypnopompic dreams, sees himself as being buried alive and being surrounded by his dead relatives and acquaintances. His life is a funambulist act between dream and reality, brutality and legality. He is a tormented, agonizing trait d’union between the safety of the state and the pyroclastic chaos of a mobster’s life. As for the actors, they are all in good form, even the bit players. Favino himself does a good job, and is always a reliable thespian. Having said that, we always see the Roman actor behind the Sicilian persona. His almost rabbinical aplomb clashes with the feral rage of his criminal counterparts. The film itself never gives us the sense of being anything more than a well-crafted work of fiction. There is never any sense of danger, of ominous foreboding or gnawing fear. We never get a visceral sense of the mobsters’ hair-trigger tempers and low ignition points. Even when Buscetta is threatened, excommunicated and anathematized by the incogitant brutes he once called brothers, we fail to connect emotionally to the danger he is incurring. The film does succeed in one way: it shows the joyless tedium that a criminal life offers, the unsalvageable evil that it represents, and the sick, cancerous climate it engenders. Mobsters are depicted as chronic malcontents whose only moment of “happiness” is the celebration of Falcone’s murder: they rejoice at the cowardly pulverization of a paladin of justice. Otherwise, their lives remain consumed by the vicious desire for power and the paranoid fear of being annihilated by their rivals. The film is not without its flaws: the American parenthesis adds nothing to the story, the digression into Andreotti’s trial seems tacked-on, and many minor characters appear like evanescent impressions. Even larger characters (historically speaking) like Falcone, Riina, Calò and Andreotti, are barely adumbrated. In this sense, the film reminds us of Sorrentino, whose creative verve is almost exclusively concentrated on one (male) character, while all others appear as mere appendages, or ethereal apparitions, especially the women. The scene where one mobster testifies in incomprehensible Sicilian dialect (with Italian subtitles) is emblematic of our experience with this film: when a Northern Italian lawyer complains to the court that he cannot understand a word the witness is saying, we sense that we, too, are victims of a similar paradigm: unless you are already familiar with many of the events hinted at in the film, you won’t be able to follow the plot. The lesson is clear: this is an inscrutable reality, and the director hasn’t done enough to unveil its mysteries. In fact, Bellocchio himself seems puzzled by the world he is depicting. In attempting to streamline the narrative and eschew any glorification or ‘Hollywoodization, ’ he ends up presenting very little information that wasn’t already known. In fact, by deliberately omitting several gruesome incidents involving Buscetta, he has presented less.

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Il traditore download sub ita. Bisogna prendere quello che ha sbagliato l'agguato sto infame non doveva avere piu voce pentito infame (quanti ne hai ammazati tu con le tue mani)bastardo facile poi pentirsi per la libertà tutti a giudicare questo uomo ha ucciso tante persone e voi lo fate santo perche si e pentito fate piu schifo di lui. Il traditore film 2019 download. Il traditore download ita. Download il traditore 2019. Il traditore download. Masino, intellettualmente una spanna sopra i boss dell epoca, vero uomo d onore, che nonostante tutto il male che ha fatto, ha saputo riscattarsi collaborando in modo impeccabile con la giustizia, che di onorevole non ha fatto nulla purtroppo, in tutti questi anni! Lo ascolterei x ore, x il suo modo pacato e lucido di esporre i fatti. Il traditore download free.

Basti sentire cio. Nome del film solo scopo di far capire che i pentiti sono solo dei traditori... Don Masino uno dei pochi morti per cause naturali ad essere stato un vero mafioso della old skool Questa era la mafia old skool, no donne,no bambini,mai violentare donne anche se fosse stat vostra moglie,e mai e poi mai fare. SCRUSCIU' in lingua Italiana mai fare rumore e dare prove di ricchezze,tenere in ordine la famiglia consanguinea e famiglia di lavoro,dare rispetto e aiutare famiglie in difficoltà e aiutarle, mai disonare se stessi oppure a chi rappresenti,umiltà e andare la domenica in chiesa in famiglia.

E poi Buscetta non e un uomo ma una merda x che mentre gli uccidevono i figli dovera lui in brasile a farsi i cazzi sua e ora parla parla xche non faceva i fatti no che parla uomo che parla non fa fatti ed un merda un uomo fa i fatti e lui non ne a fatto. Il traditore download hd. Pitbull ma come si chiama questo documentario x vederlo completo come si chiama. Ridicoli. Il traditore free download. Il traditore download openload. Download il traditore film. Totò Riina uomo di merda.

I liked it. Although certain events of the so-called "Second Mafia war" took place, between the
1981-83, have been changed and rightly accelerated due to the film's rhythms (for istance the death of Salvatore Inzerillo is set in 1982 and not 1981 and is little bit different about how he was killed. Bellocchio has been able to discreetly direct a film that is not at all simple and above all with a character as a protagonist absolutely not easy to manage.
Favino is certainly the strong point of the whole film, with a really intense acting from beginning to end. So much has fallen well in the shoes of Buscetta that sometimes seems to see and above all feel the real Don Masino. The Maxi-Trial of 1986, shot among other things in the Palermo's bunker room, the same where the real historical juridical process took place is certainly the point that entertains the viewer the most. The comparison between Calò and Buscetta is truly faithful to what was really there, the same thing the scenes with the other Pentito, Salvatore Contorno, the scenes when he speaks fluent sicilian slang are really similar with the original deposition, but having proposed with other realism also other salient moments with the other defendants was really classy. Perhaps the film falls just in the act after the Maxi-Trial and following the 1992's Massacres (Capaci and Via d'Amelio. when going towards the conclusion by now the same Buscetta becomes precisely more and more "invisible" and without anything more particularly interesting to reveal.






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